This post will discuss the implementation of gamification in businesses. The implementation of gamification in businesses is very interesting. There are multiple ways that gamification can be applied. One of the more common ways is gamification towards consumers. Companies try to implement gamification towards consumers more frequently. However gamification can also work inside businesses. Promoting teamwork and using the services companies have to improve the knowledge of their employees.

Further below we will go into more detail about how these implementations work.

For a lot of companies getting employees engaged with the services the companies offered is difficult. This can be solved by applying gamification. Some companies have been using gamification and have seen great results. A  good example of this is Ford. They have been using gamification to engage more employees to work with their training program. The success of this implementation is the following:

An increase in productivity of 45%
More users engaged with the training program.

The users of this gamification App of course  realise how this works but are still engaged. This app is a great example of the effectiveness of gamification in businesses.

Thursday there will be a new blogpost. This will discuss the effectiveness of the gamification implementation discussed in the previous three blogposts.