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Today we will be looking at gamification in fitness. This will range from gamification in personal training as well as in a building.

fitness gamifiedStaying in shape is important, this is something everyone realises. However sadly working out itself seems to become more difficult because the physical reward isn’t instantly obvious. Combine this with the fact that working out is incredibly tiring and this makes gamification helpful for people trying to work out.

Below we will be investigating various ways to apply gamification for working out.

First we will look at jogging. One of the most known examples of jogging is the Nike Fuel app. By using this app you can challenge friends and keep track of your own progress. By doing this you are pushing yourself to the limit by trying to beat your friends. This is a great way to stay in shape.

Another App that is gaining popularity is called Zombie Run! This phone app combines your excercise routine with a story. In this post apocalyptic story you are a survivor running for goods in a post apocalyptic setting. While jogging you will hear a story, listen to music you put in and also, at random times, hear a zombie come closer and closer to you. While doing this you need to start running faster to get away from the zombie. If you have great imagination this App can help you stay fit as well.
However this isn’t everything. You don’t run for no reason. After your run you get supplies for building a base. This base will grow over time and friends can see your base if they play the game as well.

Gamification can also be applied in the gym. The  way this could work is by having a leaderboard that groups can make. The app will first register the capabilities of each person working out so everyone has an even starting point. If you are able to lift 20kg this will be your starting point. If your friend is able to lift 10kg this will be their starting point. This way everyone is at the same level and a percentage increae can be registered over time. This way the gym becomes competitive in a friendly way.
If there are enough people interested friend groups could even challenge each other for status,(becoming higher ranked on a teamleaderboard) and see who can, for example, burn the most calories and gain the biggest percentile change in growth overtime.

As you can see the opportunities for gamification in the fitness field are endless. By making working out more engaging everyone will become healthier and this will benefit the world population as a whole.

Do you have any examples of gamification in the fitness field? If so share them below!