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Gamification works for the younger generations. They have grown up with games. Toddlers play games on tablets. Teenagers play games on their PC, consoles, tablets and mobile phones.  Engaging the younger generations through gamification seems easy. The choicegamification_wordle1s of what type of gamification works for this generation seem endless.

However does gamification work for all generations? The older generations seem to frown upon the amount of gaming that the younger generations do. They believe it is a waste of time.

But  Gamification can work for every generation.

Every generation has had experience with something that would look like gamification. Stamps and loyalty cards have been around for a long time.  This means that the older generation is also aware of the fact that there are game dynamics being used to engage the consumer into sticking with the brand.

The generation gap can be  seen as problematic but this is definately not the case. As seen in the previous blog post a lot of the success of your project depends on making sure you know what appeals to your target audience. Perhaps they like a type of content that you haven’t though of. Make sure you have done solid research on this aspect and the generations don’t matter.

Also make sure that you understand what behaviours you would like to drive. After this try to find out what  will engage the players to do this.

So even though it might seem gamification works for certain generations and not for others this isn’t the case. Don’t be afraid to start experimenting with projects for older generations.

Everyone enjoys a good game. Whether they are young or old.