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Gamification is proving it’s effectiveness all around the world. The amount of companies adopting gamification is increasing as we speak.

However the biggest issue that a lot of companies stumble upon is the rewards. Sometimes it feels as if rewards are there just because.


There doesn’t seem to be a goal behind every reward.

This brings up the following question: What to do about rewards, are they there for the sake of it?

It is important to remember that your audience is the most important. Keep in mind that everyone has different motivations. Some players want status, some players want to have a great time with friends. If you are working with your team keep this in mind. Never add rewards that don’t serve a purpose. Always keep the motivation of your audience in mind.ย If you notice a lack of engagement after a certain point go back to it and try to see what is going wrong. Perhaps you chose the wrong rewards, maybe the rewards are there for the rewards sake. Perhaps the reward build-up doesn’t appeal to the players. There are many reasons that the players can disengage.

Apart from having great rewards make sure that the website itself is also appealing to your target group. The aesthetics of the website will differ per usergroup. This is just as important as making sure that the rewards make sense. Keep in mind that the focus of gamification is engagement. If your target group can’t engage with the way the website looks then they definately won’t engage with the content.

Remember: You are making the content for the players, make sure the rewards are specific to the target group. This way the rewards are there for a reason, not for rewards sake.