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In my last blog post I told you about all the various types of players you can distinguish, and in my first post, covered gamification in general. I have here a few questions to see what you can remember:-

What is an example of a type of gamification that could be used in a supermarket?

Which type of player likes to see other players lose?

Now, I will continue with the different goals that people can have. Like said in the previous blog posts, different players will have different goals. But how can you as a company utilise these goals?


Leader board

Killers, socializers, explorers and achievers, all work well with the use of a leader board. A leader board is a list where scores are displayed, collected from various groups and/or individuals. It can show people how high they are rated in comparison to other players; and it is a concept used in many places and events, for example in football, online games, etc.

The leader board concept can also be used in other ‘real life’ areas, for example in websites such as amazon.com and at a fitness centre . Utilising a leader board, a relationship with customers can be developed, and the customers can be then attached to the company for a long time.

However, the leader board should not just be a list of points. A ‘killer’, for example, wants to see who is directly below and above him, so that when he progresses on the list, he can see exactly who he has ‘killed’. The same could be said for an ‘explorer’, who likes to discover any new aspects of the leader board – such as badges. The socializer also wants to see how he is doing, but specifically as compared to his friends, so he is then able to talk to them about the experience.

A good type of leader board is one where players in the higher rankings, (for example rankings 10-20,) see the top of the list; and those who are ranked anything from 21 down would see only the 5 to 10 players above and below them. Every player can then set his own targets, and these would each be clearly viewable to the individual player.

Summarised; a leader board is a handy tool to attach customers to your company, because everyone wants to be better than each other; may it be beating the player in second place, or a close friend.

In my next blog post, I will show you another way to attach customers to your product or company.